Students within a specific Blackboard class can be enrolled into groups, which only they and the insturctor have access to. This page will detail how students and instructors access the groups, as well as how instructors enroll candidates in their chosen group.

Enrolling Students in a group

How students access their group

How instructors access the group.

Enrolling Students

The suggested way to enroll students in a group is to create a discussion board and have each student indicate what group they want to be in.

The instructor will have to manually enroll the students into their indicated group.

In the Course Management menu, located on the lower left hand side of the screen, expand the Users and Groups menu and click on Groups.

This will bring you to a new screen where the four writing circles are displayed. Hovering over the Writing Circle name will bring up a drop down arrow, click on it and then on Edit.

This will bring you to another screen, scroll down to item number four, Membership.The roster for the class will be displayed in the left hand box. Select the students for the respective group you are editing and click the right hand arrow to move them over to the right hand box, which will give them access to that Writing Circle. You can hold down Ctrl while clicking to select multiple members at once. If you enroll the wrong member highlight their name and click on the left hand arrow to move them out of that Writing Circle.


Students can access their goups from the My Groups link.


Student Access

One the student has been enrolled by the instructor in a specific Writing Circle they see it as an additional item on the class menu. This is in a different location than the regular class Discussion Boards that everyone can acess.

Students will click on the group title then Group Discussion Board in the drop down menu

This will take them to the private discussion board for their specific group.

Instructor Access

Instructors can access the groups from the class menu on the left. This groups menu item is only available to Instructors, and cannot be viewed by students.

This link allows the instructor to view all the Writing Circles