The following is a guide for updating the feedback that a student will receive after taking a quiz, test or exam.


Quiz Feedback

When the quiz or test is deployed the only feedback the student will receive is their grade. If any component of the test needs to be graded by the instructor (an essay, for example), the instructor will need to finalize the grade  before the student can find out the results of their exam.

If the instructor wants students to know the correct answers to a quiz, then  the instructor must update the feedback options. The correct answers should not be released  before everybody in the class has finished their quiz and all grades are final. We do not want one student to be able to pass along the correct answers to others who have not taken the quiz yet.

Once all quizzes are graded the instructor can go back to the test options and select the type of  feedback you want students to receive. You will need to do this for every test that you want the answers released for.

How To

Step One: Edit the Test Option


When the test has been completed by all students, click on the double dropdown next to the test and select 'Edit the Test Options".


Step Two: Update Available Feedback


Scroll down to the 'Test Feedback' section. The option to display the 'Score' will already be selected. Check the remaining boxes.

Step Three: Submit Your Changes


Scroll down to the 'Submit' section and click on the 'Submit' button.