Student View and Teacher View in Blackboard: Assignments and Grades



Blackboard displays content in a way that is different for instructors than for students. One key difference is in how grades are displayed. You may find the "Student View" function useful for determining how your students see your feedback for particular assignments.

A demonstration of how to use Student View is included below. These screenshots should also give you a clearer picture of what students see in Blackboard when reviewing their grades.


Accessing Student View

To access the Student View option in Blackboard, select the "Course Tools" link from the Course Management menu (located in the bottom left corner of the Blackboard interface).


This will open a dropdown menu; select "Student View" from the options listed.


"My Grades" in Student View and Returning to Teacher View

Below is a screenshot of what you should see in Student View. Notice that the items listed on the course content menu cannot be edited and that there are different menu options (also, the Course Management menu is no longer displayed).

Remember that you can easily return to Teacher View by clicking on the "Teacher View" link, highlighted in red below.

Students view their grades in Blackboard using the "My Grades" tool, highlighted here in yellow:


Click on the "My Grades" link. You will see a display similar to the following (note that it is much different than what you see as an instructor using the Grade Center):



Grading an Assignment Using the Grade Center

Be sure you have returned to Teacher View before attempting to grade an assignment.

To score this ungraded assignment, choose the "Grade Center" link from the Course Management menu. The screenshot below shows that the demo user/student has submitted the "Week 1 - Brain and Driving" assignment; the green exclamation point indicates that the assignment still needs to be graded.


Clicking on the green exclamation point leads to the following screen; the assignment name, the student's name, and the student's submission are all listed here. Under "Grade Current Attempt," you can assign points, review the associated rubric if necessary, and add any additional comments you want to share in the text box.


When you have finished grading this student's submission, click "Submit."



How a Graded Assignment Appears in Student View

The screenshot below shows how the "My Grades" page (in Student View) displays a student's grade on a given assessment. If comments were included, those would appear in the far right column.