Creating online quizzes and exams


The Concordia Blackboard team is available to assist you uploading your test questions quickly and efficiently. Please send test questions (and answers) along with instructions on how you want the test administered to Make sure to include the CRN of the classes that will include the tests. Read the guidelines below to understand how your questions should be formatted before you submit them.

In general,  we would recommend randomly generating quizzes to make the test more effective (no sharing answers between students). This means you would provide a bank of questions for each quiz and we set it up so each student sees only a portion of those questions.  With enough questions in the bank, no two students would see the same combination of questions in the same order.

Also consider the following questions and provide these details as needed:

  • Are there any special instructions for the test?
  • We assume it is open book, but how long should the student have to take it?
  • Can they retake it?
  • Do you want to provide the students will the correct answers after they have finished.  
  • How many questions should be included in each quiz?
  • How many points is each question worth?

Finally, you will need to format your questions using the guidelines below before submitting the quiz to be built. This is something that we ask of our course writers in order for their course to be set up on time. Plus, if you submit the quiz correctly formatted there are no discrepancies about the right answer getting credit when the students take the quiz.

Guideline #1 - Provide quiz questions in a .txt file

Cut and paste the questions (formatted correctly per instructions below) out of Word and into Notepad.

Guideline #2 - Provide separate documents for each quiz

  • Option A: If you would like to provide your quiz questions by week, please submit five documents (if your course has five weeks) each named something along the lines of ‘week_one_quiz.txt’. 
  • Option B: If you would like to submit your quiz questions by chapter please provide one document for each chapter named something like ‘chapter_one_quiz_questions.text’.  We will then create a quiz that pulls from multiple chapter’s questions. 

Guideline #3 - Document's first line should match the name of the quiz or the chapter.

Guideline #4 - Format each question per the guidelines below

Multiple Choice: One correct answer (a star indicates the correct option)

1.            The Pony Express went out of business when

a)            the Mexican War ended in 1846.
b)            the Civil War began in 1861.
*c)          the transcontinental telegraph was completed.
d)            AT&T completed the national telephone network.
e)            the radio was invented!

Multiple right answers (a star indicates a correct option)

1. Select each of the art forms that are included in the visual arts.  Check all that apply.

*a) Drawing
*b) Music
c) Welding
d) Film
e) Painting
f) Architecture
*g) Sculpture
h) Dancing
i) Design

True/False (Indicate answer (true or false) on the line after the question)

1. Making art and design choices help in our day-to-day living

Short Answer/ Essay (These will not be graded by the computer and answers to do not need to be provided ahead of time.)

5. In Marc Chagall’s I and the Village – 1911 (p. 46), the use of all the visual elements is evident.  Name those elements and what geometric shapes proximate in this painting

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