Uploading files to the Assignment Dropbox


For many of your Blackboard courses, you may need to upload an assignment completed in Microsoft Word, Excel, or another program to the course dropbox for grading. The following is a brief tutorial that will guide you through this process.

The "Submit Assignments" link

Once you have completed your assignment and saved it to your computer, you will need to upload it to the course dropbox in Blackboard. Open your course in Blackboard and select "Submit Assignments" from the course menu:


The Submit Assignments page lists all of the assignments you will complete for the course. Note that the directions for each appear here as well as in the weekly instruction pages. Find the week and title of the assignment you are submitting and click on the appropriate link.


Uploading files

After you have selected the appropriate link, you will be brought to a page that again shows the directions and allows you to view the rubric associated with the assignment. Beneath this, you will see the following:


Some instructors may ask you to post content directly into the "Submission" box, but this is typically not the case. If you do wish to leave a note for the instructor about the assignment you are attaching, be sure to type it in the bottom "Comments" box, not the "Submission" box.

When you click on the "Browse My Computer" button, the "File Upload" window will open:


(If you are unsure of what to name your files, refer to the "Read Me First" document linked to your course's homepage; it explains the preferred naming conventions.)

When you have selected the correct file, click "Open." The "File Upload" window will close and you will be returned to Blackboard.

One last step: Make sure to submit!

You will now see the following:


Double-check the link title to make sure you selected the correct file; if not, you can easily remove attachments by clicking the "Do not attach" link. Type in any comments you may have to add, then click "Submit."

And voila - you have just submitted your assignment to the dropbox!

How to resubmit an assignment

If the option to resubmit an assignment is available you will have upload your second attempt in the same place that you uploaded your first attempt, in the Assignment Dropbox. See this video for more details.

If the option does not exist please contact your instructor and ask if he or she can clear your first attempt. If technical support is needed you or your instructor can submit a support request.

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