Creating a letter grade column

Step 1

Open the Grade Center, hover over Create Calculated Column button, click "Total Column".

Step 2

Enter your column name and Grade Center Display Name.

Step 3

Select "Letter" as your primary display.

Step 4

Under the Select Columns section, click "Selected Columns and Categories".

Step 5

Select the column with the correct total points for your course. You can use the one Blackboard created for you or one you created yourself. Just make sure the total points are correct!

Step 6

Now click the button with an arrow pointing to right to use this column in our calculations. Make sure the column you want to use is highlighted.

Step 7

Now you have some options to finish off our column creation. The image below is shows you how I would normally set up a Letter column.

Step 8

Click "Submit". Your new column will now appear on the far right side of the Grade Center. It should be displaying letter grades if you have graded any of your student’s assignments.


Next: Edit numeric ranges associated with letter grades

Step 1

Open the Grade Center, hover over "Manage", and click "Grading Schemas".

Step 2

Click the two down arrows button next to "Letter" then click "Edit"

A new Edit Grading Schema screen will appear.

We will focus on the left side column, “Grades Scored Between” in the Schema Mapping section as we are basing our Letter grades on a calculated total.

Note: The "Grades Manually Entered" column is only relevant when scoring an assignment with purely a letter grade. It is not advised to grade assignments in this manner.

Step 3

By default, the basic grade ranges are

90% and above = A
80% and above = B
70% and above = C
60% and above = D
59% and below = F

If these ranges do not fit your course, you can change them. It is recommended that you start at the top (ie. A+ grades)  and work your way down. You will see how each change affects the range below it.

For an example, try changing the A+ range to 97% - 100% to 95% - 100%.

This is how our range looks by default:

Click the box with “97” in it and change it to “95”.

You will notice that with this change, the text in the “A” range changed to “% and Less than 95” from the default “% and Less than 97”. This is why you want to work from a top down approach.

Continue down the list and edit the ranges as needed to fit the grading for your course.

Step 4

You can change the text in the "Will Equal" field if you would like. The best use of changing the default text is to not emphasize pluses or minuses in your course (ie. no A+ or A-).

This is how it looks by default:

To change the “A+” text click the box like you did for the numeric value and change the text.

Here is how the column should look to remove pluses and minuses from your “A” range.

Step 5

The Grading Schema columns are setup using a default number of rows. This is one row.

In most cases, the number of rows will be sufficient for your course. If you need to remove a row, click the “Delete Row” button.

If you need to add a row, click the arrow button between two rows.

This will add a row in between the two rows.

Note: When adding or removing a row, the grading ranges get messed up. Always make sure your grade ranges match up to what you need after creating or deleting a row.

Step 6

When you are finished setting up your numeric ranges and your associated letter values, click “Submit”.

Hopefully, this tutorial is helpful. If you have any issues or need clarification, just let me know.