Adding Yourself to a Course On-Demand

The new messaging procedures in the online courses requires the Student Support teams to add themselves to a course on-demand only when they are required to review course content. You will no longer be enrolled in every course, but instead you can add yourself to any course at any time. You will find the procedure is actually more convenient than scrolling through 120 courses in your course list to find the course you need to review.

You can add yourself to any course to view the student progress or to review Instructor participation.

Search for the course

Use the System Admin tab.

Click the Courses link to open the search screen. quick
To search for the CRN of the section you need to view, switch the default search parameter from 'Course Name' to 'Course ID'

Searching for the CRN of the section is the most efficient way to access courses.
Switch the default search parameter from 'Starts with' to 'Contains' id
Enter the CRN of the section. c
Alternately you can search by the course number.
Leave the 'Course Name' as the field to search.

Switch the default search parameter from 'Starts with' to 'Contains'
Enter the course number you want to view and click go. quick

Enter the course

Click the link to the course you want to enter from the list of results. re

Enroll and unenroll to gain full access

You will enter the course but will not yet have full rights to view all the content.

You must click 'quick enroll' to gain access to the gradebook and the discussion board.
When you are done with your review, just click the same button (now renamed to 'quick unenroll') to remove yourself from the course.

You will need to remember to unenroll yourself each time you are finished with your review of a course or student.
Leaving yourself enrolled will cause confusion for the students who will see you as an instructor.

Here is the training video tutorial that shows this process in action.